Writing to Analyse, Review or Comment is different from writing to Argue, Persuade or Advise. The main difference is that ARC writing looks fairly at BOTH sides of an argument. If you think of both these types of writing as a set of scales, APA writing is heavily weighted on one side, whereas ARC writing is evenly balanced.

It is very important, with ARC writing, to plan your response carefully.
  • Your INTRODUCTION needs to give an overview of the topic, analysing what the main issues are.
  • Your subsequent PARAGRAPHS should explore BOTH sides of the argument, giving examples for each side.
  • Your CONCLUSION should give your own comment on the subject, having looked at both sides yourself.

Here are the CRITERIA the examiner is looking at for writing to Analyse, Review or Comment.

Here is an exemplar PLAN:
And another PLAN:

And here is an exemplar ANSWER:

Finally, if you are looking for some practice questions, click HERE.