This course will introduce you to the basic theories and practice of advertising.

In order fully to understand advertising and how it functions, you need to understand the following terms:

Product = Whatever is being advertised. This could be anything from a chocolate bar to a new bank account, and could even simply be a 'message' (e.g. "stop smoking").
USP = Unique Selling Point. This is what makes that product DIFFERENT from any other similar product on the market. Nothing is more important when creating an advert than thinking of the best USP.
Motivation = The audience needs to be given a reason to buy the product. If the audience and USP are chosen carefully, this will give the audience the motivation they need to buy the product.
Slogan = A catchy phrase or saying which always accompanies the product, and which is automatically identified with it.
Logo = A symbol or image which, like the slogan, is automatically identified with the product. An effective logo will work even without the brand name.
Target Audience = The group of people at whom the advertisement is specifically aimed.

N.B. If you think you can explain any of these terms BETTER, or if you can add some helpful examples which make the terms make more sense, please feel free to edit this page.


All advertisements should follow the same process (i.e. A.I.D.A.):
  • They need to raise AWARENESS of the product for their target audience;
  • They should then make their audience INTERESTED in the product in a general sense;
  • They must ensure that the target audience then DESIRES the product;
  • Finally, the have to guarantee that the target audience ACTS on this desire (and buys the product).


In your lessons, you will be looking at three different types of advertisement:
  1. Print adverts
  2. Radio adverts
  3. TV/Cinema adverts

If you would like to view an introductory slideshow about advertising, click below:

Did you know that there are strict rules and guidelines laid down to control what we see in advertisements. For more information about the ASA (The Advertising Standards Authority) click HERE

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